2016 = The Worst Year of My Life

Ami Mariscal Warrior Princess With Grit and Determination in Eyes
This year I have experienced more physical pain than I ever thought I would unless something tragic happened to me. On top of that, there have been circumstances in my life that filled me with sadness, stress, fear, disappointment and anger. Okay, that’s every year… But this year has been especially hard mentally as well as physically. 
That said, I am filled with gratitude that my life is wonderful despite all the pain I have experienced mentally and physically this year. So I am not writing this post to complain. 
I started writing this post in early December in order to process the pain that I have experienced, and to gain wisdom that I will live out in 2017 and the rest of my life. It worked. It’s December 27th, and I’m feeling excited about 2017. 
I am putting this out in the world because I know there are people that are going through similar problems and haven’t been able to figure out what’s going on. This is especially for you to help you get more information to help you solve your problems. I don’t have all the answers, and for that reason I am also posting this. If you have answers where I have come short, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me at info@liftyourbusiness.com for help or to help me ? 
Body pain is an old friend, so I’ll start there. 
That said, I come from a family of doctors, so I am not afraid to talk about what some consider gross. If that’s you, please don’t read further. 
One of the reasons I am posting this detailed account here is that I imagine there are doctors and scientists looking for data for their research. This is an honest account. As a Christian, I would be willing to put my hand on a Bible and swear to it. I love innovation and want to help science advance and find the fastest path to a more healthy body!
The Backstory
In 2013 I had one year (exactly) of gut problems. It came out of the blue and left into the blue in January and December respectively. 2014 was a year of bliss for me because I married the love of my life Diego Mariscal. (Prior to that I was Ami Howard.) In 2015 the gut problems started again; it’s probably SIBO and IBS. And I experienced serious mood swings that flew into depression randomly. I am taking very good care of myself by doing what the Doctors tell me to do that makes sense. I’ve got lots of Doctors and lots of support from my loved ones.
January – March, 2016
Back pain seems like nothing compared to depression and gut problems.
February – April, 2016
I waited too long to get a facet block and my back was in pain all too often. After I got facet block I had horrible back pain for 2 weeks straight.
My tibia moved out of location due to weak tendons causing irritation to my back for the next two weeks (and I stopped trusting my knees to hold me up properly).
My back was in so much pain I needed 2 days in a row of painful acupuncture and then massage with Emily Cooper, who is basically a Doctor of massage.
May 19th – Dr. Kase Foot Surgery
The surgery was good, but afterwards my foot immediately tensed up giving me plantar faciitus for the next month or two. In addition, my skin grew over the stitches 2-3 times, and they had to keep digging into my foot over and over to get it all out, because Doc didn’t believe that it was in there in all 3 places -ugh! After the surgery, I can’t move around too much so my back pain returned in full force.

May 29th

I Started taking Juice Plus for 2 months – 60 days then stopped. 

June 1st

Started having problems with my menstrual cycle. I won’t get into details here because I know some men probably can’t handle it at this point in time 😉

Gut starts acting maniacal. When I do my PT exercises, I over-work my back muscles ridiculously easy.
The worst pain in my life begins with a common cold.
Worst pain in my life continues
Worst pain in my life continues
Worst pain in my life continues
SEA Event supposed to happen
November 8th, 2016
24% of people in the US voted for Trump pledging 270 electors to vote for him if he is not a Demagogue.
Dec 7th
Come to the conclusion I probably have chronic Lyme disease.

After Dec 7th

One of the most traumatizing aspects of my life over the past year has been that I keep telling people things and they wouldn’t believe me. Then when I provided lots of evidence and told them about how it made me feel that they didn’t believe me, they still didn’t believe me. It happened with my husband, my doctors, my family, prospects that said no, sigh.

This year has been characterized by me saying important stuff and people who I love dearly not trusting me even with tons of evidence and emotional stories to back it up. That’s mainly due to three things:

  1. Working with Directors, Producers and Writers (for the 2nd time:)
  2. Having a chronic illness- probably vector borne – and a litany of doctors who had no incentive to diagnose it.
  3. Trump running for President.
I used to believe that if I could share the truth with people in both emotional and rational ways that they would listen and make an informed decision. I no longer think that is true.
I guess the upside of that is that I am becoming a zen master of patience while communicating.
In Summary
I tried to talk to my loved ones into not voting for Trump and failed. And it’s too late.
I have tried to get involved on a deeper level with my church and failed, but I am on the path to success in new and exciting ways… Let’s say I pivoted. 
I have tried to heal my back and I’ve failed for about 9 years, but I still kinda believe that I am on the path to success. 
I’ve tried to heal my gut and I’ve failed for 3 years, but realized maybe that’s because there are bigger things at work like a low-lying infection. So hopefully I am on the path to success; we’ll call that a pivot as well. 
Don’t stop reading my blog here… Catch the upside of this incredible year in this follow up post: