Love Others As Yourself – Resources

#LoveCommunity Group is a group of people who believe in the golden rule and work together to live it out in our lives. If you’re interested please communicate on our Love Community Group Facebook page, signup for our email list and if you’re in LA come to a live event!

Love Others As Yourself

Book List

Ami’s favorite books on the topic of loving others as you love yourself on Library Thing (an awesome website app for remembering all the books you’ve read:) and right here on Ami’s website.

Top books on the subjects of loving yourself and loving others that I have and you are welcome to borrow:



Ami’s YouTube Playlist

Jesus declared the two greatest commandments are to love God and love one another as you love yourself. This list looks at the 2nd commandment from secular, scientific and spiritual perspectives of all kinds. I would love help adding to this YouTube playlist. If you’d like to help, email Ami Mariscal at

Bible Verses

Ami’s Blog Post: Verses from the Bible with Audio