Lessons Learned from the Worst Year of my Life & the 2016 Elections 

In 2016 I stopped trusting my mind and body. And then learned to start trusting them again. I didn’t completely lose my mind, what I mean is that I am too optimistic. I am more optimistic than optimistic realist (which is who I aspire to be). Sometimes I think I’m a pessimist because in the past, I gave up before the positive thing … Read More

2016 = The Worst Year of My Life

Ami Mariscal Warrior Princess With Grit and Determination in Eyes

This year I have experienced more physical pain than I ever thought I would unless something tragic happened to me. On top of that, there have been circumstances in my life that filled me with sadness, stress, fear, disappointment and anger. Okay, that’s every year… But this year has been especially hard mentally as well as physically.    That said, I … Read More