Ami’s life goal is to help millions of people live happy, prosperous lives. With over 15 years experience in arts and entertainment, she loves creating incredible experiences for people. As a social entrepreneur Ami’s mission is to lift up humanity with stories that make the world better. With multi-media production abilities and an MBA Ami has helped business owners double their profit, politicians and non-profit leaders expand their impact, and entertainment entrepreneurs improve their well-being, brand, and income.
Previously, in the business community, Ami taught business strategy and marketing with the game she created, Profitlandia. Ami has worked in casting, the camera department, and production on A-list films, TV shows, music videos, games, and commercials. Recognized as one of America’s Top 25 Up and Coming Photographers, Ami taught art to people of all ages at the MOCA and the Guggenheim.
Her focus now is developing original cross-platform stories and with Lift Your World, Ami is creating a community of creators, brands, and everyday heroes inspiring happiness, connection, social impact, exploration, and excellence with experiences and content.
Active in the Local Community
Ami puts her goal and mission to work in the Los Angeles community by supporting non-profits with pro bono work. Ami is on the board of Invisible People and the digital advisory board of CoachArt.
Personal Joys
I love traveling all over the US and the world. I care deeply about social issues and environmental issues. I am also a psychology aficionado, artist and student of life. My hobbies include adventuring, reading, eating and drinking amazing concoctions, permaculture and making stuff.